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Once you defeat them, you'll be able to open a nearby chest and grab the maracas. Four of them will have apples in their bowls; one is empty. Zelda slots you approach your destination, you'll come across Hetsu, a green tree spirit you might mistakenly attack like I did. Hestu has been accosted and had his priceless maracas stolen by some Bokoblins.

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Check out our upcoming Korok location guide to find all the Koroks in Hyrule. Personally, if I hadn't had a friend with me while I played, I would have missed quite a few of them.

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So if you can't give up those tree branches in Link's bag, look no further: See our The Legend of Zelda: Unlocking a weapon, bow, or shield inventory slot only costs one Korok Seed the zelda slots time, but it increases by one for each subsequent slot you unlock. When you have a Korok Seed, you can head back to Hetsu, who will prompt you to decide between increasing your sword, shield and bow inventory.

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Breath of the Wild tips, tricks and guides Find out all there is to know about Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Unfortunately, when you start the game, you'll have very little inventory space. Breath of the Wild. It's a somewhat arduous journey, so you probably won't see Hestu for a while.

Most of the puzzles are things you might not even notice. The only way to expand your weapon, bow, and shield inventories in Zelda: When you speak to Hetsu, it'll tell you someone stole its maracas — and for it to help you out, you'll need to get those maracas back. However, if you want more room for items like swords, shields and bows, you'll have to do a little work.

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If you're like me and want to grab everything in sight, it can be a bit frustrating. However, first, you'll have to locate Hestu the Korok and assist him in a small side quest.

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Hetsu's first appearance in 'Zelda: If you have any Korok Seeds the first time you meet Hestu, you can use them to upgrade your inventory space right then and there. Keep in mind that the cost of inventory expansion will increase each time.