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LEDs indicate the current sensitivity setting.

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In addition, there are 4 more USB 2. So the current power supply can take some additional load, if you desire to upgrade or expand the system in the future. The power supply is rated at watts, and the eXtreme power supply calculator recommends a watt supply for the installed components if you count the current class of GPU, or watts without a GPU.

What this means is that actual performance pretty much screams in terms of raw power the top WEI score is 7.

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Performance is as good or better than most of the PCs we have tested lately, with the fast Core i7 processor and 8 GB of RAM making short work out of all the tasks we threw at it We were also somewhat surprised to find no NumLock key on the keyboard. Dell included a few of its usual offerings: The hard disk is the slowest component in the Windows Experience Index, measuring a ho-hum 5.

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We can't count their Support Center software as bloatware Connections at the rear include two more USB 3. All in all, it's an attractive, if subdued look. Every task and multi-task we undertook: We like seeing the 2 easy-to-access front USB 3.

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That's one of the fastest recoveries we've ever performed. We weren't wild about Dell's newest wireless keyboard, which has a good typing feel but a laptop-style layout, with small Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn keys located above the numeric keypad instead of full-sized ones between the keypad and primary keys.

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Bloatware factor was on the light side. We'll always give a nod to a manufacturer for including a restore partition. This is one solidly performing, solidly designed PC, with some room to grow. That's where the ho-hum news ends, though, because the graphics scores in WEI were a respectable 6.

Removing one thumbscrew lets you pop off one of the matte black side panels and access the tidy interior.

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And, it has a very loud scroll wheel Steerike 3. Sure, there is always nagging anti-virus software, but we actually liked one feature of the included McAfee Security Center: Boot time averaged 45 seconds, about what we'd expect for a rpm hard disk. It's as if Dell wanted to make sure that everyone on the same floor as you is aware that you are scrolling.

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Despite its array of cooling fans, the system is pleasantly quiet. We liked having USB 3.

Upgrading RAM on Dell XPS 8500 Computer

Within 15 seconds, the person said, This is a really annoying mouse. Intel Control Center did little other than link to the Intel Rapid Storage Technology app, which looked pretty useful to us. We think this may be one of the most annoying mice we have ever used.

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Even the keyboard keys manage to be loud, xps 8500 expansion slots we like the overall low profile of the keyboard.