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The coating composition may comprise a compound to catalyze the conversion of the precursor into the binder. For this purpose, the binder—before curing—preferably contains inorganic compounds with alkyl or alkoxy groups, but other compounds may be suitable as well.

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Preferably, the specific polymer core-size gcore is larger than 5 nm, more preferably larger than 7 nm, most preferably larger than 10 nm. Preferably, the specific polymer core size is smaller than nm, more preferably nm, more preferably nm, more preferably smaller than nm, most preferably smaller than 50 nm.

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Suitable rigid substrates include glass e. The binder preferably is a crosslinked inorganic material that covalently links the particles and the substrate. After coating, the coated substrate is dipped in an alkaline developing solution to form the desired black matrix.

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In another aspect of the present invention, there is provided an optically coated substrate, wherein the substrate is coated on at least one side that has a surface area of at least 0. The present invention is able to coat substrates at commercially acceptable speeds e. The importance of low variance in optical properties generally increases with an increase in the surface area of the coated substrate, e.

Slot gap thickness below the thickness of the wet film limit application rates and are more susceptible to thickness variation, while a slot gap thickness above 10 times the thickness of the wet film is prone creating a vortex in the coating stream, thereby reducing coating quality.

This process is commonly used for the application of optical thin films. In one embodiment of the process, the coating application is applied to a glass plate before the glass has been tempered. To minimize film thickness variation, the slot gap is preferably fixed.

To take maximum advantage of this, the coating and the substrate are preferably transparent. Slot Gap The slot gap 3 is preferably between 2 and 10 times the thickness of the wet film. In one embodiment, an inorganic binder and organic solvent is used, more preferably the solvent is a mixture of water and alcohol. It will be understood that a parameter range may be defined by all combination of upper and lower limits relating to said parameter.

In one embodiment of the invention the casino south of iowa city of the coating consists substantially of an inorganic binder, as such coating shows good mechanical properties and good adhesion to the substrate, resulting in, for example, high puncture resistance, high scratch resistance tse troller slot die good wear resistance.

More preferably, the nano-sized particles comprise at least one inorganic or metal oxide or inorganic or metal oxide precursor. Drying Step The wet film layer comprising a wet component and a dry component. The inorganic tse troller slot die preferably comprises one or more inorganic oxides, for example silicon dioxide and alumina.

It is also possible to laminate tse troller slot die substrates which are coated on one side, whereby the non-coated sides are laminated to each other. However, the resultant coatings are typically very inhomogeneous. Suitable examples of solvents include water, non-protic organic solvents, and alcohols. It is an advantage of the present invention that the coating is insensitive to moisture.

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Tse troller slot die the average sizes are determined by measuring the sizes of individual particles. The optical reflection of each sheet was measured on 10 equidistant points of size 4 cm2 forming a grid pattern as depicted in Table 1. Preferably, the maximum slot gap thickness is less than 15, more preferably 12, even more preferably 9, even more preferably 7 and more preferably less than 4 times the thickness of the wet film.

Preferably, the rigid substrate is made of glass. Wet processes that allow application of a coating on one side of the substrate at speeds comparable to dry processes, include spray or curtain coating.

Curing may be performed using a number of techniques including thermal curing, UV curing, electron beam curing, laser induced curing, gamma radiation curing, plasma curing, microwave curing and combinations thereof. Preferably, the average particle size is 5 nm or more, more preferably 7 nm or more, most preferably 10 nm or more. Further, the inorganic coating also is not sensitive to time delays between coating and curing.

Depending on the chemistry of the binder, many solvents are useful. This configuration is preferably used when coating a flexible substrate, in which the orientation of the flexible substrate can, immediately after application of the coating, be re-orientated to a substantially horizontal plane, such that the drying process is essentially carried out on the horizontal plane.

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The invention will be further illustrated by the following non-limiting examples.