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What you will find is that quite a number of casino game designers and the companies that design and supply the software for many different casino sites available to UK based players are based on the Isle of Man and as such they will be holders of an Isle of Man issued gaming license in addition to a UK gambling Commission issued license too.

Not only that but all UK licensed and regulated casinos have to adhere to a very strict set of terms in regards to how they operate their respective casino sites, for example all player funds must be kept in a fully segregated bank account so they will be no chance any of your funds held in your account will ever be at risk. All casino sites that are licensed in Gibraltar will of course give you the option of using GBP as your preferred casino account currency so make sure that is the currency out set your account to use if you are indeed based in the United Kingdom!

However, do consider playing at one of them that may additional hold a license and be based in Gibraltar, for each of those casinos sites will be run and operated to the very highest of standards.

Deuces Wild Video Poker — It often takes quite a while for UK based players to discover the benefits of playing video poker games, however when they do so they will then tend to play those type so games very often, and the main reason being is the payout percentages attached to those types of games can be huge when you play them perfectly. Those games are known as progressive jackpots games and the stake levels you can play them for can be quite varied so they do tend to suit all players bankrolls and gambling budgets, but by playing them every single game you play off does give you a chance of walking off with a huge and often life changing jackpot winning payout, so do give some of those progressive games a try soon!

No Bonus Casino Review Most Played UK Online Casino Games There are plenty of great playing and high paying casino games awaiting you, no matter at which of our featured UK player friendly casino sites you decide to sign up to and play at.

Many players opt to play the Deuces Wild video poker game due to the fact that all of the 2 cards in the deck are completely wild cards so you get dealt to more winning hand combinations when playing hat variant! Baccarat — There are plenty of different casino game designers out there whose games you are going to find on offer at different online and mobile casinos sites, and when you play at sites sing the NetEnt Gaming Platform you are top slot sites 2015 to find a huge range of different casino card games on offer.

Most Played UK Online Casino Games

Alderney Gambling Control Commission — One final gambling commission that whilst they do not have many licensee holders still demand the very highest of standards from all casino sites and other gambling sites they have granted licenses to is the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. But every casino listed above will be offering you a set of very fair terms and conditions!

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One thing that is very important in regards to playing at UK Gambling Commission licensed casino sites is that every single one of them is required to know who their customers are, and with therefore require you to prove your identity, your game and also prove to the casino site that you live where you say you do.

Make sure that as part of your bonus hunting you also take a close look through the terms and conditions of each bonus offers, for by doing so you will find the details of any restricted casino games, along with any other relevant rules which you may have to put into place when making use of any such bonus offer.

Below we gave put together an overview of some additional games that we think you really are going to enjoy playing online, and if you do like the sound of any of them you can always try them out at no risk what so ever as all of our approved casino sites! For a great many fruit machine designers have designed their games to be top slot sites 2015 online as well as land based top slot sites 2015 machines so you will find the same bonus games and bonus features attached to those games no matter where you decide to play them!

Gibraltar Gaming Commissioner — We think you will have an enjoyable time no matter at which of our range of handpicked UK casino sites that you play at. One final thing to note when you do play at any casino site whether an online or mobile casino site that has been granted a full UK issued gambling license is that you will be given the option of setting your own gambling limits when you first log into those casino sites.

List of Top 10 UK Casino Sites for 2018

As such we have listed below a range of our higher rated UK player friendly online casino sites all of which will give you the option of setting your newly opened casino account in GBP, and as such your deposits and also your withdrawals will never see you having to pay currency exchange rate fees to swap your Pounds into another currency and back again! Much like all of the other gambling license issuers that are named above you will find every single one of this license holders operates their respective casino and gambling sites to the very highest of standards and as such you will never run into any type of problems gambling at those sites as a player who is based anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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For any gambling sites and that includes online and mobile casinos to be able to advertise their services to all players who are based in any area of Great Britain then that casino site operator must first apply to the UK Gambling Commission for one of their remote gambling licenses. How to Fund Your UK Online Casino Account There are going to be more than enough ways that you are going to be able to instantly fund any casino site account balance if you live or are staying in the United Kingdom, and below we have put together a list which will show you just how many ways there are of transferring any amount of cash into your casino site account.

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That will enable you to give any of the games you like a look of a trial run in a fee play demo mode safe in the knowledge that games will play in much the same way in the real money version of those games too. One of the most played casino card games UK players cannot get enough of playing is the game of Baccarat and the reason why it is so popular a game is the house edge attached to it is very low!

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If you are demanding a site that is guaranteed to give you everything you are looking for then a good choice of casinos site at which t play at will be one licensed both in the UK and one that is also the howler of a gambling license in Malta too. Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority — Malta also have a very strict Gaming Authority and over the years they have issued licenses to some of the most played at online and mobile casino sites as well as a large range of other sites too.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission — There are plenty of additional places that online and mobile casinos site can and may be licensed in and the Isle of Man does also have a very active Gambling Commission.

You will be assured of accessing and play fair and random games at all of the UK casino sites listed and showcased throughout our site, all of those games will be playing out to the same payout percentages and the same house edge no matter whether you play them for free or for real money.

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The way in which you an verify your casino accounts is by making a copy of your passport or driving license and then sending that copy via email to the casino site you want to be verified at, you will also be required to prove your address and that will be very simple to do for all that you will need to do is to send in a copy of a recent utility bill that show your name and address on it.

We think that you will certainly enjoy playing at Microgaming software powered casinos for by doing so you are going to come across the Classic Blackjack game which has a house edge when played perfectly of a tiny and very appealing 0. It used to be the case that if a casino was licensed in any part of the EU then those casinos would not need to get a main gambling license from that gaming commission, however those rules were recently tighten up and as such now all casinos that accept UK based players to play any of the casino games they have on offer for real money to player based in the UK they and to advertise those games and their casinos sites they must obtain a UK issued gambling license.

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To ensure that all players are legally old enough to play at any UK Gambling Commission approved and licensed casino site if you cannot prove your age for any reasons then your account will be suspended or even closed, until you are able to prove your age. Single Zero Roulette — With there being just one zero attached to the aptly named single zero roulette games then that means those games are going to have a much lower house edge than the American versions which all have two zeroes attached to the wheel.

Fruit Machines — There are plenty of different fruit machines that you can now fully access and pay online and there top slot sites 2015 also be a good chance that your favourite land based fruit machines that you may have played in an amusement arcade or in your local pub or club are also available online.

MicrogamingOfficial The video slot game you can see above is one of thousands of top slot sites 2015 packed slots which are going to be offering you a very wide range of different staking options and plenty of bonus games and bonuses features too. All UK Gambling Commission license holders also have to ensure that they pay out their winning players quickly and on time, and they will also have to supply the details of a third party company or organisation that any player can turn to when they want or need help resolving any problems that the casino site operators have been unable to resolve.

However, there are some games which get more play time from UK based players than others. As the bonuses that all of the above casinos are subject to change at any time we would suggest you take a look over the websites of each of the casinos above as their respective bonuses make have changed slightly since we put together the above guide on each of their sign up welcome bonuses.

So to ensure that you are never tempted to spend more than you can afford make sure that you make full use of those self set gambling limits at each casino site you choose to play at as a real money player!

Play Casino Games with GBP You will never want to see the value of your deposits made into any casino site being dropped in value by you having to pay any fees or charges, however that will be something you will be forced to do if you play at an online or mobile casino site that does not allow you to fund your account in GBP when you are of course a UK based player!

The application process is actually very strict and as such one thing that you are then going to be benefiting from when playing at UK licensed and regulated casino sites, whether mobile sites or online casino sites is a being able to access and games that have all been independently tested and certified as being beyond reproach as each game will be completely fair and completely random too.

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Keep in mind that the main aim of your playing real money casino games is to get as much value form your gambling budget and as such you should avoid using any deposit option that is going to force you to have to pay any excessive types of fees or charges, as that will ensure you are not going to be losing a percentage of your deposited funds by those fees and charges!

With that in mind it will not surprise you to earn that one of the most played UK casino games is the game of single zero roulette, and you will come across two top slot sites 2015 of that game the first being European Roulette and the other game being French Roulette, the latter has an even lower house edge on all of the even money paying betting opportunities by the way!

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Classic Blackjack — Do take a look at just what different Blackjack game variants are on offer to you at every single UK online or mobile casinos site you come across for by doing so you will find some variants that do have very low house edges and some very player friendly rules in place on those games too.

Progressive Jackpot Games — One final category of casino games that we do know UK based players enjoy playing the most are all of the games on which an every rising jackpot can be won when playing them.