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Motor Slot Slot Game Review

In this game even one Scatter Symbol awards you with free spins. In generators and alternators, the rotor designs are salient pole or cylindrical.

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As currents travel through the wire coil a magnetic field is created around the core, which is referred to as field current. The whole game theme represents the motorcycle races.

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Direct current DCfrom an external exciter or from a diode bridge mounted on the rotor shaft, produces a magnetic field and energizes the rotating field windings and alternating current energizes the armature windings simultaneously. The background represents the front view from the bike. December Squirrel cage rotor This rotor rotates at a speed less than the stator rotating magnetic field or synchronous speed.

There are two designs for the rotor in an induction motor: In some motors, there is an extension at the non-driving end for speed sensors or other electronic controls.

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The game symbols also represent various race gears. You will hear cool rock music — the great addition to the races. Simply click on the one of them and see will he win or not.

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Squirrel-cage rotor[ edit ] The squirrel-cage rotor consists of laminated steel in the core with evenly spaced bars of copper or aluminum placed axially around the periphery, permanently shorted at the ends by the end rings.

The Speed Bonus game has 3 rounds. The generated torque forces motion through the rotor to the load. It substitutes for all symbols in the game, except Scatter and Bonus symbols.

Try to match the symbols to get winning combination.

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The animation of symbols and mini games is perfect. The more Scatter Symbols occur on reels the more free spins you get.

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The assembly has a twist: Rotor slip provides necessary induction of rotor currents for motor torque, which is in proportion to slip. An external direct current DC source is connected to the concentrically mounted slip rings with brushes running along the rings.

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The normal clockwise direction of the motor that the rotor is powering can be manipulated by using the magnets and magnetic fields installed in the design of the rotor, allowing the motor to run in reverse or counterclockwise. The game ends after three rounds or after wrong guess.

Direct current DC drives the field current in one direction, and is delivered to the wire coil by a set of brushes and slip rings. Like any magnet, the magnetic field produced has a north and a south pole.

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As the motor speeds up, the resistances can be reduced to zero. At our website you can play SkillOnNet casino slots for free to practice before playing for real money. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sound effects also perfectly suit the theme of races.

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InFrancis Watkins describes an electrical "toy" he created; he is generally regarded as one of the first to understand the interchangeability of motor and generator. Spin the reels after you set the number of slots in a motor lines and placed your bet.

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Your goal is to guess which motorcyclist will win the race. Play Motor Slot online at SlotsUp. Once you collect points with the help of Bonus Symbols one Bonus Symbol equals points the Speed Bonus game is initiated.

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