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There has been good catches of flounder reporting around the area including the Ft Pierce inlet on live shrimp.

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Serious kills are far less common on the Atlantic side, where deeper, warmer water is closer at hand to provide a haven. A live shiner is always a good choice for largemouth bass, particularly while the water temperatures stay cool. Smaller snook like to find refuge around structure such as mangrove roots, drop offs and similar areas.

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They love to hang around bridge and pier pilings, or any kind of snag. Even heavier gear often gets the call for fishing from piers and bridges. Most have been ranging from 16 to 25 inches with some just under 30 inches. My experience is once these big girls see slot snook 2014, the game of catching them is far gone as they will quickly elude you with a swift kick of their tail.

They are starting to make a comeback after the winterkill so FWC strongly encourages catch and release during the spawning season to allow their population to increase.

Depending on water clarity, angers can often sight-fish for spawning butterfly peacock. Plastic lizards in natural colors and rigged weedless can also be effective this time of year, particularly if fished in the early morning or late afternoon. That's what the snook or redfish are biting. Reports are coming in of butterfly peacock being caught in the Ida-Osborne chain of lakes and associated canals.

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Snook also are past masters at utilizing shoreline roots or any other obstructions to their advantage. This catch rate is expected to increase as Mayan cichlid continues to recover from cold water temperatures in Sandy Sanborn had good luck trolling a spoon to pick up a few trout slot snook 2014 a recent trip. We have averaged around 12 snook per day and we have been landing a few over-slot-size snook per trip.

In Florida, they are largely confined to about the lower half of the Peninsula. With that, you are almost guaranteed a great day of catching fish. FWC's most recent sampling data remains a good way to pick among the many canals to be found in southeast Florida: Weedless Texas rigged plastic worms in colors including pumpkinseed and watermelon are an effective tactic for catching largemouth bass in Miami-Dade waters.

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Spring fishing has been off the hook off the mangrove shore lines around the Tampa Bay area. The FWC strongly encourages the catch and release of butterfly peacock to help them rebound from the effects of this historically cold winter. Snook are proportionately very thick through the shoulders, and their fillets represent a higher portion of slot snook 2014 weight than most other fish.

On the lower tide days I have been getting the larger plus-inch reds. Generally, the size range is from 3 to 15 pounds.

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Schooling baitfish, such as Pilchards, work wonders as both live chum and bait. Cast them out, keep the rod tip up, and retrieve just fast enough to keep the lizard on the surface and hold on! Fishing also has been really great with a lot of big gator trout.

The recent survey produced some interesting facts: Live shiners are very effective bait for butterfly peacock and largemouth bass, and are also the bait of choice for snook and tarpon in urban canals. Wigglers, crickets or a piece of night crawler fished under a bobber, or with only a sinker 3 feet above the hook are excellent ways to catch bluegill, redear sunfish, Mayan cichlid, and oscar.

The largest largemouth bass collected this year weighed 8. On the Gulf side, the Homosassa River slot snook 2014 to be the limit of their range, although wandering individuals are caught in the Panhandle on occasion.

Pictured are some great catches by Quang Tran Vo and Shawn Townsend, locals who preferred to use a jighead to get the shrimp on the bottom with some great results, also getting a variety of species including reds, snook, snapper and more.

The fire tiger and chartreuse color patterns are a dependable color whatever your choice of lure. Whether you have a baitwell in your boat or you're fishing off the Skyway Bridge, try to catch bait when you make that run down to the Skyway Bridge to catch sardines or catch bait on some of the bay area flats.

The snook, redfish and trout fishing has been on fire. The stripe is present in all species of Snook.

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However, a few successive years without damaging freezes will send them spreading northward, particularly on the Atlantic Coast, where they have been fishable even around Jacksonville at times. Coloration is generally dark slot snook 2014 to black on the dorsal surface, shading to silvery on the sides.

First redfish on fly! As the water temperatures rise, the bass will go deeper and plastic worms in the go-to colors such as red shad, black shad, watermelon seed, and June bug are excellent choices.

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Low catches of butterfly peacock in north Broward and Palm Beach counties were likely the result of low water temperature related kills experienced early in January A number of Snook topping 40 pounds have been caught over the years on both coasts, and the maximum may be 60 or more.

Fishing for this species has been excellent with many small-to-giant over-slot snook. Most of the reds mixed in with the mullet have been in the to inch class and a handful more than 30 inches. Fishing for butterfly peacock in south Broward waterbodies should really pick up as water temperatures in urban canals rise and they begin to spawn.

One of the best for all-around fighting ability. Even slot snook 2014 the lower Gulf Coast, occasional freezes kill many Snook.