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The port replicator does not support viewing Blu-ray and other protected content on a display device connected to the external monitor port on the port replicator. USB ports The port replicator can also be connected to an external VGA display device, such as a monitor or a projector, through the external monitor port. Both of the pins are used to make quantitative liquid to liquid transfers or liquid to membrane blots.

The end view of the slot is illustrated in photo to the right. Refer to your television or stereo equipment user guide for the jack names and locations.

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Connect the other end to the red and white audio-in jacks on your television or stereo equipment 2. These are good for loading gels and making microarrays on glass slides.

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Either four, well plates or nine, 96 well plates can be slot pin replicator into a or array on the membrane. Use these ports to connect optional external USB devices, such as a keyboard or mouse.

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Connect one end of an audio Y-cable purchased separately to the headphone jack on the port replicator 1. Also see our 8, 12, 16 and 24 Replicator Strips with slot pins and 8, 12, 16 and 24 Floating Replicator Strips blackjack wiktionary slot pins.

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The veet casino cable is designed to act as a deterrent, but it may not prevent the port replicator from being mishandled or stolen. To use extended display, refer to the operating system display settings of the computer.

They can be used to make arrays when used with our registration accessories: You can modify lid switch settings through the computer power options. Integral to the cleaning process of all slot pins is the blotting step between baths.

HP USB Media Port Replicator User Guide

Connect the port replicator to your computer. Lint particles in the slots or pin tips, from blotting onto standard paper towels, will interfere with the loading and unloading of liquid.

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This is very important as you do not want the pins to touch the side of wells as you remove the pins because that will knock off the hanging drop at the pin tip. Some labs use plastic reservoirs, but if flaming alcohol drops into them the plastic burns, dumping flaming alcohol all over the counter. After arraying from four, well plates to one, membrane array or nine, 96 well plates to one, membrane arraythe VP Reading Mat helps locate which mother plate well produced a positive spot on the membrane array.

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Insert the key 1 into the cable lock 2. Our standard Slot Pin Replicators have stainless steel 1. The VP is a Lint Free Blotting Paper that doesn't transfer lint particles to the slot pins as many blotting papers or paper towels can do.

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Insert the cable lock into the security cable slot on the port replicator 3and then turn the key. We strongly recommend that you use these blotting pads placed over several layers of paper towels.

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If the computer lid switch is set to initiate Standby or Sleep when the display is closed, do not close the computer display while the computer is connected to an external display device. In addition, you can also connect analog audio devices.

You can connect headphones or speakers directly into the headphone jack on the port replicator. Audio connections Connecting an optional security cable note: You can connect your computer through the port replicator to a network.

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Each pin transfers a precise amount of liquid because the size of the slot directly determines the volume of liquid transported. The 25 ul P11AS25 pins are 4. This requires an Ethernet cable purchased separately.

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To connect an external VGA display device: The slots fill automatically by capillary action and then release the liquid to a surface or another liquid. By simply choosing the slot we can change the volume of liquid transported by Replicators and therefore the size of the spot. The headphone jack on the computer is disabled when an audio device is connected to the port replicator, or when the port replicator is connected to the HP USB Notebook Speaker purchased separately.

To install a security cable: Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the RJ network jack on the port replicator 1 and the other end to a RJ wall jack 2 or router. Click here for a list of published articles that cite using the products on this page.