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Also, the game does not let players go through losing streaks because it is designed to give out rewards at regular intervals of time. When every character, including yours, has finally passed out, the game awards you an amount of credits equal to the number of times the taps distributed a drink multiplied by the accrued multiplier and the triggering coin amount.

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Road to Revenge Players choose between Brian and Quagmire, before an array of reels spin to determine the slot family. It also allows companies slot family spread their business to different parts of the world without having to set up physical casinos and worry about licenses as much. When you're not taking advantage of Brian's Feature within the Griffin Family Mystery Features, the World Bonus can still be activated by landing three bonus symbols anywhere in reels two, three, or four.

The game has about six different types of progressive jackpotseach of which is displayed by a different figure from Family Guy. The Dark Knight Gameplay Features and Mechanics Anybody who has watched even a single episode of Family Guy on TV will instantly recognize these machines during their next stroll through the casino floor.

The game begins by gifting you with 10 free spins, with heart shaped Peter symbols acting as wild symbols, and Quagmire's Giggity Retriggity scatter symbol awarding five more free spins.

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A number of new bonus games, each based on a popular episode from the series' later run, are included on Family Guy Something Something Something Sequel: This is quite surprising because most of the slot games that have been developed in the recent years have been more focused on the fun experience they provide, while maintaining a limited amount that can be won off the game.

The online platform allows for players to enjoy the experience of such slot games even in the comfort of their own homes. By far the fan favorite, Stewie's World Domination Progressive invites players to engage in an arcade like target shooting game.


Brian's Big Dig let's players choose between five dirt piles in the backyard. From Stewie's infamous ray gun and his best pal Rupert the Bear, to Peter's own friend the household TV, and even a bottle of Quahog's best brew, Patriot Beer, all of your favorites are included on the main game's reels.

Summary Whether you came of age watching endless reruns of Family Guy in college, or your own kids got you interested in the show at some point, fans of TV's most controversial cartoon can't beat IGT's slot machine recreation.

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As in the show itself, the bonus round which users get when they chance upon Peter symbols involves battling his nemesis, a giant chicken. Scoring Free Spins and Multipliers During a session of Family Guy Video Slots players will be pleasantly surprised to see the six main characters suddenly show up on the side of their reel screen.

Scoring Free Spins and Multipliers

The Ollie Williams Credit Report Feature Quahog's resident meteorologist delivers his deadpan weather reports in this hilarious add on. It is quite evident that the financial incentive seems far juicier than the theme alone.

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Because of this, the designers had no shortage of recognizable images to include as reel symbols in Family Guy Video Slots. Stewie's Feature — Selects anywhere from one to five reels, before changing up to three symbol slots on each of the selected reels into wild symbols.

Lois' Feature — Selects anywhere from one to three Griffin family members symbols and assigns credit values to each symbol, along with status as scatter symbols. Bonuses and Free Rounds in the Game Players who have taken a shot at the Family Guy slots know that the game is extremely user-friendly and that payouts come quite often. The sequel's gameplay and mechanics closely resemble the original version, but the larger Family Guy universe developed over more than a dozen seasons is explored in greater slot family.

It's a good bet you'll be smiling soon enough. When the reels stop and land on one of these preset symbols, every time the selected symbol s appear on any of the five reels pays out in addition to any line wins.

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

Chris' Closet is a simple door opening game, with the evil monkey acting as a multiplier, and Meg's image ending the game. The top of each dual machine bank features the cartoonish Family Guy logo in bright blue lettering, alongside the Griffin family itself. Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Overview of the Family Guy Slot Machine Game The game has plenty of random bonuses, each of which features a different character from the series.

Each pile contains a preset number of spins, and once Brian digs up your amount, you pull a lever to spin a prize wheel. The characters will then take a round of drinks, and one of the four will pass out.