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Senate inquiry into gambling advertising. Looking back at Congress' Watergate-era sports gambling inquiry - Chalk

The March inquiry did not result in any legislation. In November, NBA commissioner Adam Silver called for a "federal framework that allows states to authorize betting on professional sports.

It would create a generation of cynical fans, obsessed with point spreads and pari-mutuel tickets and constantly suspicious of the moves of players and coaches.

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But Adam Silver is no Walter Kennedy. The changes will include the removal of the restriction that prevents free to air broadcasters from televising the listed events solely on their digital channels and increasing the time at which an event is automatically removed from the antisiphoning list to 26 weeks before the event.

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Pete Rozelle, NFL commissioner Legal sports betting would seriously erode public confidence in the games. The list of events to which the scheme applies will be marginally shortened. Media ownership laws The proposed changes are already incorporated in the Broadcasting Legislation Amendment Media Reform Bill Bill which is currently before the Senate and could potentially be debated during the Winter sittings of Parliament.

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South Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce spokesman Mark Henley said the biggest barrier to determining the true impact of online gambling on regional populations was a lack of regulation. Loading The Australian Wagering Council, the peak industry body for the wagering and sports betting industry in Australia, said its members had a ''zero tolerance policy'' regarding corruption in sport, and promised full co-operation with authorities and sporting bodies.

The sports bettor already has formed his habits: A new generation of fans would be more concerned with the margin of defeat rather than with who wins or loses the game. It would include a number of technology-related topics, including line monitoring, mobile betting and age verification protections.

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Sahlan Hayes The committee, which will report to Parliament on May 16, will examine advertising at venues and during broadcasts, sponsorship, in-game senate inquiry into gambling advertising and consider the effects on children. Organized crime would be able to exploit the market of newly initiated gamblers that the legalized gambling would make available to it.

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Overview The media reform package contains the changes as detailed below. Luckily, Congressional hearings that took place over the course of several weeks in provide an answer. Walter Kennedy, former NBA commissioner The legalization of sports betting would make every adult citizen a potential gambler rather than just a fan. This support is by no means assured.

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Thus, to be effective, legislation changes must be made to accommodate these habits. Editor's Picks Adam Silver's bold stance on gambling When NBA commissioner Adam Silver declared his support for legalized sports betting in Novemberhe changed the game for the other leagues. No timing for the carrying out of the review has been advised by the Government and it is unlikely that the review will be completed, or any changes implemented, during the calendar year.

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During testimony, the hearing may also pit a wagering-friendly sports league commissioner against another top executive who is more tethered to a historical anti-gambling position. The potential abuses are endless and would lead to the destruction of professional sports in this country because of the irreplaceable loss of confidence in the integrity of competition.

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Researchers agree that producing hard evidence of the impact of online betting on regional and rural communities is stunted by the lack of regulation. The Australian Rugby Union has a similar agreement with its 13 approved betting operators.

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The number of bettors -- both social and compulsive -- would increase dramatically. This inquiry, which is largely constituted by opposition and independent Senators, will look at issues such as whether competition and consumer laws adequately deal with the market power and practices of search engines, as well as social media and content aggregators, and their impact on the Australian media landscape.

Regional broadcasters, who might face an increase in fees as a result even after taking the licence fee removal into account senate inquiry into gambling advertising, will have the benefit of a 5 year transitional support package. The House Committee's inquiry was shaped by a number of witnesses who "were asked to present their views on sports gambling, particularly whether or not it should be legalized.

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A survey of online gamblers found that somewhere between a third and a half of all problem internet gamblers had already established gambling addictions in land-based betting.