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For example, if the computer is capable of holding a maximum of MB 4 GB of memory and the motherboard has four memory slots, install 1 GB or less per slot. Connect internal cables to the system board, if needed. Check the glossary and knowledgebase super mario slot tragamonedas more detailed definitions.

If the computer has an open socket, continue to Step 4 to add an additional memory module into the open socket. Use the steps for the BIOS version on your computer to find the exact memory configuration and how much memory can be purchased and installed.

See Maximum memory supported by operating system for more information. Connect the system board harness to the system board 1 and the expansion card 2. If not, make sure that you can return the memory if it is not recognized by the system after you install the new memory.

Panel replacement your model might look different Reinstall cables. After reviewing the following steps, if you are not confident in performing the installation yourself, contact an HP authorized distributor for technical assistance.

The memory modules should rise up slightly out of the socket. Connecting System Board and Power Cables to the USB PlusPower Expansion Card Connect harness to the system board Connect harness to the expansion card Connect power cable to the expansion card Return the power supply to its original position and close up the computer. Usually, this is the maximum amount for each memory socket.

Open the slot cover retainer that secures the slot covers by turning the retainer to the side. Maximum memory allowed - Subtract the amount of memory already installed from the maximum amount supported by the system to determine how much memory to get.

Show me how Slide movable bays and sections back into their original positions and secure with screws. You might be editing a document, while also looking at pictures and browsing the Internet. Determine if memory needs to be removed before installing additional memory in your desktop computer Use the following steps to locate the memory sockets: You might find that your HP or Compaq computer is able to support a physical installation of 4 GB or more memory.

Hold the expansion card at each end, and carefully rock it rp5700 memory slots and forth until the connectors pull free from the socket. The slot cover retainer is secured in place by the computer cover. Plug the power cord in last. This information may be listed under Memory Upgrade Information.

Just watch one of our three-minute install videos, and we'll walk you step-by-step through the process.

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Remove all removable media, such as compact discs, from the computer. This information will be useful when purchasing memory and when performing the next steps.

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Lower CL is faster. Pull the slot cover straight up out of the chassis. If the computer does not have an empty socket, use Step 3 to remove a memory or continuity module. Pull the expansion card straight up from the socket to release it from the chassis frame.

Modules with different CL can be mixed on a system, but the system will only run at the highest slowest CL. Load apps in seconds by increasing the speed of your memory and installing more of it. Use the following steps to replace the cover: Overcome this by installing high-density modules in each memory slot for seamless multitasking.

Slide the panel or cover into place and tighten screws.

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Turn off the computer properly through the operating system, then turn off any external devices. For best performance, get the fastest memory that the motherboard supports.

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Since your system's moment-to-moment operations rely on short-term data access — loading applications, browsing the Web or editing a spreadsheet — the speed and amount of memory in your system plays a critical role. After removing an expansion card, you must replace it with a new card or expansion slot cover for proper cooling of internal components during operation.

Get more out of your desktopby giving it the resources it needs to perform. Install with ease — no computer skills required With just a screwdriver, your owner's manual, and a few minutes of time, you can install memory — no computer skills necessary. Pull the expansion card toward the left side of the chassis straight out of the riser. Typical memory location your computer might look different Do one of the following, depending on the socket configuration.

Before removing an installed expansion card, disconnect any cables that may be attached to the expansion card Figure: Connect the power cable to the expansion card 3. If possible, move the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over an uncarpeted floor. Indicates the power used by the module. Return the power supply to the down position until it locks. This is the total amount of memory currently installed and the speed at which it is currently operating.

ADD2 cards are used to give multi-monitor capabilities to the integrated graphics controller.