5 Casinos Where You Can Still Play Coin-Operated Slot Machines in Downtown Las Vegas

Old coin operated slot machines, featured video

Antiques that you can enjoy, use and play. People all over the world are building game rooms in their homes just to display and play their slot machines.

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We now have, for your convenience, created a database of game chips and information for many of the most popular slot machines. But forget silver dollars, these days most new slot machines in the classic style accept bills, and may not even accept coins anymore.

Varieties of Design While the most well-known images and symbols used on classic slot machines are sevens, cherries, bells and bars, there have been a whole host of other themes mapped on to the classic slot machine.

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Most classic slot machines began their evolution accepting pennies and nickels. The newer slots are fun to play, super for a game room, and the old mechanical slots have all the class of the finest antiques. Slots are an old invention, but they are still extremely popular in a variety of casino settings. We want complete or nearly complete mechanical machines, various parts and are looking for parts for old gooseneck machines, especially early Jennings or Rock-Ola conversions.

To visit our database, please click on the link RomsDB link above. How do i stop gambling online machines and all coin operated machines are great collectibles.

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We are in process of adding new boards all the time. After the reels spin wildly for a few moments, the machine stops each reel on a random point revealing one of the decals on that reel. Three Reel Slots The classic slot machine has three reels, or wheels, with decals or symbols painted around the edges.

There are so many varieties of slots these days and such a large variance in payout that one can feel dizzy trying to name all the slots available in the gambling world. This Mills Hi Top has been completely restored and is in, top shape.

If you have what we are looking for then we will buy these from you.

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If you match up three symbols along the pay line, you win. We are willing to buy, sell, or trade old coin operated slot or arcade machines, and jukeboxes. The database is free to use. If you have something send us an email with photos to INFO Recently we added some videos for old mechanical machines.

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Sign up today or just take a look and decide if you want to become a member, membership is free. There is perhaps no better representation of gambling culture than the classic slot machine.

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We like the old mechanical slot machines the best, and they are great piggy banks. Post Ads for items you wish to sell or look for items that others are selling. These videos show how they work, how to identify what symbol should be on the pay line, replacing reel strips and one that shows how you can add a veneer over an old cabinet. We do have some slot machine parts, and can help you repair your slot machine.

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It was created for the sole purpose of helping others find the information they need. These photos of show the mechanism and the inside of the machine as well as the left and back sides of this fabulous antique machine. Over the years, slot machines went through upgrades to begin accepting larger coins, like dimes, then quarters and on up to silver dollars.

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You will find many slot machines makes and models. Some machines no deposit mobile slots 2016 extremely creative, substituting strange and fun symbols on slot reels, the entire machine is often painted in the accompanying theme.

If you have information that is not yet included and would like to share your lists for, please send them to our database administrator via email DB Admin Antique coin operated machines or parts always wanted.

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These reels will spin when the machine is first cycled. You get the added bonus of getting to play these fine antiques.

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Feel free to look up your game chip to see pay out percentages or other useful information. You name it, scales, trade simulators, gumball machines. Clicking on the manual icon will take you to our manuals page, once there please use the menu and select the make of machine for which you are seeking a manual.

If you can not find a place to ask your questions or feel the need to have an additional board, let us know Use either the link above or at the right under Navigation We are also pleased to offer several manuals, in PDF format, for sale. Different styles and designs turn regular classic slot machines into strange and quirky entities, especially in online slots with motifs like alien invasions, billiards, spy games, shoot outs, gold rushes and game show themes to name but a few.