Active Chilled Beams Come of Age

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A few options are available with floor mounted beams, including various face options and finishes.

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The option to combine multiple beams into one works well in many spaces. This often poses more challenges than the first consideration as this is generally also perpendicular to the slats. Common design options include frame and face style, beam location, induced air opening location, discharge opening location and type as well as the more traditional choices of color selection and frame style.

The structure of the ceiling should not interfere with the air pattern of the beam. It is also possible to integrate the beam or beam array with an architectural ceiling system, though careful consideration and testing is often required in order to ensure that the chilled beams perform appropriately.

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Once completed, construction details were updated with the lessons learned and the job was constructed. In applications where beams are installed in a dry wall ceiling, plaster frames can be used with mud-in style frames offering a more polished look.

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When installing beams behind an architectural ceiling, care must be taken to ensure sufficient free area to allow for the induced air path as well as a path for the discharge air to reach the room below. Options exist for different frame styles that allow the beam face to be flush with the surface for the various styles ceiling tile frames, making for a more consistent finish.

Because of the way the beam works—using nozzles to induce room air over a coil—there must always be an mud-in slot diffuser air path, a discharge air path, and the required return for the mechanical system.

The linear beam is designed for easy integration in many different types of ceiling grid.

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In cases where the building also features a dropped ceiling, there is often a bulkhead to help transition from it to the ceiling height at the curtain wall. Return grilles can be located anywhere in the room to allow room air access to the ceiling plenum and to the beam coil. Designing with Active Chilled Beams The integration of active beams in today's building can have a fairly industrial appearance or be fairly unobtrusive, depending on the type of beam and its placement in the occupied space.

The vertical single discharge beam can also be installed behind the ceiling with a linear vane diffuser or slot diffuser.

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In most cases, this will mean having the beam installed perpendicular to the direction of the slats. A one-way, horizontal style beam is ideal for this application because it tends to be higher capacity than a two-way discharge linear beam and features a one-way discharge pattern to handle the building skin loads.

San Francisco Public Safety Building: The direction of the wood slats should not interfere with the air pattern of the beam. To validate the configuration at SFPSB, the design team commissioned a mock-up to test constructability of the bulkhead assembly and to verify beam performance.

Single discharge beams are by far the easiest to integrate seamlessly in a variety of designs. The linear active beam can also be installed in a drywall ceiling or suspended from the building slab.

Photo courtesy of Price Industries The most popular active chilled choctaw casino memorial day in North America is the linear beam. In concept, the bar casino cool aqha, which was installed with a mud-in frame so that there would be no visible supports, serves as the induced air path for the beam.

The most popular active chilled beam in the North American market is the linear beam. Several areas of coordination are required in this installation including detailing how the grille installs in the bulkhead and how the beam will perform with this grille and slot diffuser combination.

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It is common in labs, as shown in the image below, to combine multiple beams into a large component, often by selecting options to minimize or eliminate the frames on the end, giving the face and the supply air slots a continuous appearance.

In these spaces, it is mud-in slot diffuser desirable to run the mechanical system either above the benches to coordinate with the bench services, or above the aisles. The horizontal single discharge beam, for example, can easily be integrated in the bulkhead of a space. Frame style can have a significant impact on how well the beam fits with the surrounding ceiling.

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Without proper specification, a beam designed to fit in a standard t-bar ceiling may arrive on site, resulting in a distinctly ill-coordinated appearance. This creates an opportunity for beam installation. It is also common practice to incorporate mechanical returns, controls access, or diffusers to help deliver make up air into the beam so that there are no additional devices in the ceiling which may take up additional space, or which could otherwise be hidden behind the face of the beam.

For the displacement cabinet beam in schools, integrating bookshelves and access mud-in slot diffuser can provide a visually appealing and functional wall-to- wall installation.

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The selection of beam type and integration options may be constrained by the building type, programming, client, and climate. By so doing, the beam can be a continuous ceiling component while hiding other mechanical services that may be required as shown in the illustration of the linear beam.

This beam is available in widths of 12 inches and 24 inches and a variety of lengths from 2 feet to 10 feet as a single piece. An added complexity is incorporating a lighting fixture in the same space.

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