Mail Slot, Standard Design, Magazine Size

Mail slot standard letter size. Mail Slot, Standard Design, Letter Size

When the postal carrier walks up to the house, the mail carrier simply lifts the mail slot lid and inserts the mail. Door mounted mail slot Through wall mail slot Bursting forth with nostalgia, a door mail slot is installed through a front door or garage door while a wall mail slot is installed through the wall of your home.

Mail slots do not require the homeowner to exit their home to retrieve their mail. For example, if you have a door entry hardware with a natural patina brass finish, consider selecting a brass mail slot with a natural patina finish or consider a high contrast to that brass finish to avoid finishes that clash.

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888 casino online slots corrosion resistant stainless steel mail slots are handcrafted with a stunning satin-brushed finish and meet all USPS standards. Additionally, Florence mail slots are offered with optional engraving on the mail slot door so homeowners can have their address or name engraved right on their mail slot.

An exterior mail slot cover or lid covers the mail slot so that the home remains insulated against the elements.

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Advantages of a Residential Mail Drop Slot While mail slots are only advisable for postal areas with walk up delivery, the advantages of these tried and true mail slot mailboxes are three-fold: No two of these brass mail slots are alike and all are packaged with an interior mail chute of solid brass to guide the mail delivery.

So, take the time to ensure walk up mail delivery is available to your residence before purchasing a mail slot for your home. Additionally, indoor mail collection accessories are also advised when the floor surface such as soft wood flooring can be easily damaged by the regular delivery of parcels or packages that might scratch or ding it. Read all of our articles on Mail Slots including: Ordering Mail Slots When buying residential mail slots, take time to consider these three factors: Order your mail slot with a mail collection box for a complete mail slot system.

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Additionally, your brass house numbers can be custom-welded to the mail slot door to further customize your mail slot. Mail slots are less expensive.

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For disabled persons or elderly persons with mobility challenges, this third advantage of mail slot mailboxes is hands-down the most significant, as their mail can be collected from the security and comfort of their home.

Residential mail slots are often far more secure than non-locking post mount or wall mount mailboxes. The mail passes through your door or wall for wall mounted door slots and lies securely on the inside of your home, either on the floor or in a mail slot collection box.

The Streetscape Executive mail slots also meet USPS standards and feature a unique patina brass finish that requires no maintenance. New Mail Slot Installation Considerations Investing the time to consider these three factors can also augment the success of installing your mail slot in a new location: Florence mail slots are available in eleven beautiful powder coated finishes including antique copper, antique bronze, black, gold, silver speck, and more.