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Madden 19 Ratings: All the best cornerbacks (CB)

He racked up tackles, with 15 tackles for a loss and 5. With his star development trait, James can soon be on a par with the likes of Malcolm Jenkins and even Eric Berry if you develop him correctly.

With good speed 92 and terrific agility 94 Barkley can run through and around defenses. That speed gives him a really good pursuit stat 89 and makes him an electrifying user linebacker. Since coming into the NFL as the fifth-overall pick in he has been nothing short of brilliant. The Chargers corner was electric last season, as he has been for most of his career.

He also rushed for 4, yards, at an average of 6.

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It helps if you are a good tackler too since your cornerback will sometimes be the last line of defense between the ball carrier and your endzone. With solid man coverage skills 83 already and good zone coverage 79 Ward can fit into any defense, and his ability to play press 87 is rare for a rookie.

He picked off Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson in two big wins for the Falcons and kept a lot of impressive wide receivers very quiet all year. He is much better in zone coverage 94but he can hold his own in man 89just be careful about how often you put him in press 84 situations.

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Aug 12, Barkley finished his career at Penn State with 5, yards from scrimmage and 51 touchdowns on offense. In he allowed the fewest catches of any corner with serious playing time, and gave up just yards. Speed 94Acceleration 93Jumping 88Man Coverage 89Zone Coverage 94Press 84 There has been little to get excited about in Detroit in recent years, especially on defense, but the development of Darius Slay into one of the better cornerbacks around has been the pride of the Lions.

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The Madden 19 version of Lattimore is a physical beast. His speed 94 and acceleration 94 means he can track everyone all over the field. His juke move 91 is his best weapon for avoiding tacklers, but with a good spin move 86 and solid trucking 83 and stiff arm 83 you can find multiple ways to beat a defender and find your way to the endzone. Either way you cut it, he is an elite option at corner, capable of playing up in the receivers face or off the line, and can fit into a man or zone scheme incredibly well.

He followed up his stellar junior campaign for Oklahoma with a Heisman-winning season in which he completed Jackson played three years at Louisville, wowing fans and scouts alike and winning the Heisman. An All-American inWard got just two interceptions because quarterbacks were so afraid to throw his way.

The former Penn State running back played three years in college, picking up at least 1, yards rushing in each season. Over the course of his college career Jackson completed 57 percent of his passes for 9, yards and threw 69 touchdowns to 27 interceptions.

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Speed 89Acceleration 90Jumping 88Man Coverage 93Zone Coverage 91Press 93 Jimmy Smith has been plagued with injuries since he came into the league in Jackson is the fastest quarterback in Madden 19 with his speed 91 and acceleration 93making him a nightmare for defenses if you can master plays like the read option and triple option.

In Madden 19 Hayward is a touch slow for an elite corner, but his coverage skills 91 man, 93 zone make up for that. He spent three years at Georgia and became an all-powerful tackling machine in his junior year, finishing the season with tackles, 14 of which were for a loss, and 6.

Speed 91Acceleration 90Jumping 96Man Coverage 95Zone Coverage 92Press 94 With Ramsey and Bouye stealing a lot of the headlines in recent years, people may have missed Xavier Rhodes transition from potential star to All-Pro talent, but in he made that leap.

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In Madden 19 Ramsey leads the way for corners in man coverage 96 and press 98making him downright deadly in red zone situations. His zone coverage 95 is the best at cornerback, and his man coverage is the second-best.

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Here are all the best cornerbacks in Madden 19 with an OVR rating of 85 or more. In he played 12 games, picking off three passes and scoring two touchdowns for the Ravens defense, before succumbing to a ruptured Achilles just like Richard Sherman. After dominating quarterbacks with seven interceptions inthe league knew it was best not to challenge Peterson, especially in man coverage.

Joining the Jaguars from division rivals Houston last offseason, Bouye took his game to another level opposite Ramsey in He also made 54 catches for yards and three touchdowns.

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With his 89 speed and 91 acceleration Roquan Smith is the fastest middle linebacker in Madden His 95 speed, 95 acceleration and 95 agility stats make him one of the best athletes in the game.

Other star cornerbacks over 85 OVR Name.

Madden 19 Ratings: All the best rookies

In his junior year Barkley ran for 1, yards with an average of 5. He allowed just a However, his elite press stat 94 and strong play in zone coverage 92 will make him a valuable piece of the defense to anyone that plays a predominantly zone defense. It has been a long time since the Saints had a defender as good as Lattimore was in his rookie season.

James played three seasons at Florida State and made an impact all over the field. With 81 speed and 88 throw on the run you can move him around the field easily. Bouye picked off six passes last season, and when targeting him quarterbacks had just a

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