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Social casino gamers are also on the rise. Chinese President Xi Jinping declared war on corruption when he assumed office in and made that war a cornerstone of his reign.

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Las Vegas Sands is the largest casino company worldwide. And while its American counterpart was struggling with the aftermaths of the Great Recession in the late s and early s, the Chinese special administrative region was thriving and recording stable revenue growth with each year passing by.

As a result, gaming revenue in Las Vegas began to plummet. The leading companies within the casino industry are those that supply the full leisure package, which usually includes casinos, resorts, entertainment complexes and shopping malls, as well as exhibition and convention facilities. The United States took a terrible hit. However, it is yet to be seen whether it has learned a lesson.

However, Macau has long been criticized for allegedly building a gambling industry on vice, organized crime ties, and corruption.

Time for Recovery

When the Great Recession sunk its teeth into the US and the rest of the world, when the mortgage crisis struck, and when unemployment rates jumped, people seem to have decided that they did not really need to travel to Las Vegas and to gamble that much.

Jobs took the biggest hit. It was not difficult for the city to lead the charge as its hotels became even more dazzling, its night-time entertainment facilities became even more opulent, and its signature restaurants became braver and artsier in their approach to food. But What Went Wrong? They were trying to keep low profile in order to avoid drawing attention amid the anti-graft drive.

Global casinos had a projected gross gaming yield of around billion U. Statista assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. Gambling contributes an increasingly significant amount to the economy in Macau, with gross gambling revenue rising from However, while the Great Recession did not manage to destroy the Las Vegas dream completely, it certainly mangled it almost beyond recognition.

Last year, both cities recorded gaming revenue increases but, as it can be seen, are still far from their all-time revenue peak. However, the Chinese territory caught up quickly and eventually outstripped Las Vegas. Ten years later, things seem to have moved far from the depths of the crisis in the late s.

Thus, the city became the poster child of the housing bubble and its bust as well as of how rotten loans shattered the American dream overnight. The city has long been described as an easy target for money macau casino revenue data, another place in China largely controlled by the triads — the Chinese mafia — and a favorite outlet for corrupt Chinese politicians and thriving businessmen with shady operations to gamble away the proceeds of their crimes.

Founded in Nevada inthe company generated around During that period, the month of November was the only to record a double-digit growth. The decade in question included periods of sharp economic downturn in both cities that were followed by what are believed to be periods of stabilization. Following the launch of the anti-corruption campaign under the aegis of President Xi, wealthy high rollers from Mainland China lessened their spending on gambling activities and disappeared from Macau.

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The number of construction jobs plummeted fromin to a little over 37, in The onset of the recession also saw an all-time high increase of oil prices, which resulted in decreased travel frequency. With more and more cities around US opening casinos, Las Vegas was urged to and successfully upped the ante to outshine emerging competitors.

However, the city still carries the scars from the unmatched global financial crisis and cringes from the memory of how badly it suffered. This tourism hub attracted about This text provides general information. Like Macau and other gaming markets, most of the casinos in Las Vegas are located within a tourism area, featuring large resorts and entertainment facilities aside from gambling.

The corruption crackdown quickly took its toll on Macau. It kept falling for 26 straight month.

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