Using the Manual Feed Slot

Load manual feed slot xerox,

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Make sure that you select Face Fluff geant casino select the feed method bahia principe casino showing the flap entering to the left, and select Clockwise Rotation. If any of the labels on a sheet are missing, do not use that sheet; it may damage the triple crown casino colorado springs. Insert the label sheet with the side to be printed face-down.

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Insert one envelope, insert one envelope until it stops: Send the job to the printer. If your application has a setting for Avery labels, use it as a template. Make sure that the duplex printing option is disabled. Envelope printing hints For Macintosh users: Do not store labels in high-humidity environments.

Load an Envelope in the Manual Feed Slot Brother MFCL2740DW MFCL2720DW HLL2380DW

Use the recommended envelope sizes. To send the job to the printer, click Print.

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Insert the letterhead paper with the side to be printed face-down, with the top of the page entering the printer first. Check the Xerox web site for any application- or platform-specific information for printing envelopes on this printer. When the printer's front panel reads Waiting for paper, use both hands to insert one sheet of media until it stops.

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In your application, create a document matching the measurements of the envelope. Insert the transparency with the notched corner to the right and entering the printer last. Xerox recommends using Avery White Laser Labels, for example: Envelopes This printer should be used for occasional envelope printing only.

When catfish bend casino spa printer's front panel reads Waiting for paper, insert one sheet of letterhead until it stops: Use full-sheet peel-off labels.

Labels stored under such conditions will jam in the printer.

Keep unused envelopes in their packaging to avoid the effects of moisture, which can affect feed reliability. Set the orientation to Landscape.

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If the envelope address prints upside-down, to correct, select Page Setup; select Landscape and Envelope size. Refer to Margins and print area for dimensions. No exposed gummed surfaces.

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