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Now that all the design work is in the leather, we dip the guitar strap into a vat of neatsfoot oil compound to keep the leather from drying out and to give it some more suppleness. Round Edges Rather than have a square edge, we round the edge of the guitar strap with this beveller for a more finished look.

You can see what has been involved in making customized guitar straps from the unfinished piece of leather to the finalized leather craft product. There is a small set screw leather oblong slot punch allows us to adjust how far from the edge we want the groove to be.

Stamp Design After the leather guitar strap has been cut, we dampen it with water on the top surface only. There are different size bevellers for taking off a little from the edge to a lot. There are lots of leather craft stamps available to decorate your special leather project.

We have a folded piece of flannel cloth nailed to a wooden block. This quality personalized leather guitar strap will last for many years and will become more supple with wear. Dyeing the edge of the guitar strap. See more of our finished guitar straps on our web page custom leather guitar straps. Since it is a hard finish, we burnish the edges when dry with beeswax using a denim applicator.

A boarder line adds a nice touch to our imprinted guitar straps.

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If we want to stamp in a name, now is the time to do that as well. All our custom guitar straps are cut from quality premium tooling cowhide. Although we bevel both the top and bottom side of our guitar straps, the bottom is a lot harder to do.

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Professional oil dye by the Fiebing Company is used for coloring our guitar straps. When making customized guitar straps, we even bevel the underneath side for a more comfortable feel on the shoulder.

So we will not get bounce when we punch leather oblong slot punch holes, we use a solid wooden tree stump as a work bench. When stamping the guitar straps, we need a firm and solid surface so the stamp tool will not bounce when we hit it with the rawhide mallet.

This is a tedious time consuming process when making customized guitar straps. This groove tool is also a great leather craft tool to make channels for sewing other leather projects.

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The leather polishes we supply are made for vegetable tanned leather. Leather oblong slot punch adjustable groover tool is also used for making stitch grooves for doing sewing for other leather craft projects.

After the neatsfoot oil is absorbed over a few hours, we touch it up a bit more with some neatsfoot oil on a brush to even out the color since the neatsfoot oil darkens the leather.

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Border Design Once the dye has dried, we can make a boarder design along the guitar strap with this groove tool. Although it is more expensive, we choose to use it so we will not have to worry about rub off like some poorer quality leather dyes.

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Finished custom guitar strap on cowhide it was originally crafted from. This is a labor intensive process since not only each stamp has to be lined up neatly but each stamp has to be hit with the same hardness so the design will all be the same depth.

Using proper leather craft tools makes the job a lot easier. Dye Edges The edges of the guitar straps are dyed with a different dye than the surface. These oblong leather hole punch tools are also used for the slot when using a buckle in a leather craft project.