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This afternoon I had one good hit in the Cosmo HL room but quickly left for the pennies, but that didn't help I lost on all the penny games too and with little play to show for it. We were still losing at the penny slots so decided to do one last high limit pull and lago di amore slots our money.

Before going back to lago di amore slots room to sleep that evening I went to check out Jonny and Mark's one bedroom terrace suite. Mark said it was delicious! After a fun but losing evening for all of us we headed back to our rooms for some sleep. This was the thick cut Filet, we had two orders and it was tender and flavorful!

Last couple trips I can't resist playing Pharoah's Fortune which is a shame because usually my picks are pretty sad when I land the bonus. If you, or someone you know, meet at least five of these ten criteria established by the American Psychiatric Association then a gambling addiction may be indicated. Next morning I packed up and had a quick bite in my room.

My driver Admar who had relocated his family from Hawaii to Las Vegas was so nice! Best dessert, in my lago di amore slots, was the pecan pie that Skyler ordered. If you receive a 10 or face card on either ace, you win even money on that hand. It was time to return to the casino as Skyler who was staying and winning at Ballys had arrived.

I played Lamp of Destiny for the first time and really liked lago di amore slots.

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Jason was suppose to join us but after texting me earlier in the day that his plane was going to take off on time for a change instead a storm came in and delayed his flight by several hours so the poor guy missed dinner.

I won't keep you in suspense, we had tons of fun, played lots of games and at the end Jason scored us the handpay below so all of us ended up wtih doubling our money on our HL group pull! The trip started out with a easy flight out of San Jose airport on Southwest and arrived on time at McCarran.

During our slot play tonight Boots was nearby playing games and Jonny and Mark lago di amore slots with me either cheering me on or playing beside me. Fresh fruit was Boot's dessert. It was great to meet Keith, Liz and James. A few years ago I became friends online with Jonny on youtube and Facebook and ever since we've been hoping to meet up in Las Vegas.

What a great group we had for this HL pull!

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You may wager one-half your original bet as insurance. In addition during the trip I ran into some fans of my youtube channel. Blackjack, which pays one-and-a-half to one, can only be made using the first two cards dealt.

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Latest update is Jonny still doesn't enjoy seafood. Unless you despise cauliflower please order this delicious side dish.

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My son liked the chocolate a bit too much and ate most of it before I could! Deal Player and dealer are each dealt a three-card poker hand. Two types of blackjack are available at Pearl River Resort: Always love the bread at Scarpetta.

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The object of the game is to draw cards that total 21 or as near to that as possible without going over which is called a "bust". If you have any questions about Blackjack, feel free to ask your dealer or a floor supervisor for assistance. Lago di amore slots Rib Mac and Cheese really good! If you are dealt an ace and a ten-count card as your original hand, you have blackjack and will be paid at the rate of one-and-a-half to one.

Lago di amore slots you wish to stop drawing cards, or "stand," slide your cards under your bet money and the dealer will move on to the next player. I believe this menu is only available until August 31st! Thanks Skyler, I love them, especially the cute headband! My next trip report that I hope to finish before the G2e trip will be about my trip with my Mom.

After eating I checked out by phone and dragged my luggage downstairs where I met up with Jason at Vespers lounge. The flip of a card. I had already eaten here in May with friends and the menu had already changed a bit!

There's also plans for some of us to participate in Cosmopolitan slot tournament after G2e so that will exciting. Creamer potatoes, crispy garlic, chili and lemon. Should your total be the same as the dealer's, it's a push and nobody wins or loses that hand. Boots and I did the max number of entries in this tournament each day and I think Jonny and Mark did too, but none of us won anything on the tournament during our stay.

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Plates are meant to be shared at this restaurant. I'm going to keep playing this new game because my friend sdguy is lago di amore slots of the zombies in the jackpot bonus.