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However, this maximum memory might be further limited by the operating system not being able to address the full range of physical memory. From the Main screen look at the Installed Memory line. Use the following steps to install memory in an HP or Compaq desktop computer.

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This is the total amount of memory currently installed and the speed at which it is currently operating. Use the lower of these two numbers as your maximum memory.

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Use the steps for the BIOS version on your computer to find the exact memory configuration and how much memory can be purchased and installed. In Windows 8, fully shut down the computer by using the following steps: To reduce the chance of ESD damage, work over a noncarpeted floor, use a static dissipative work surface such as a conductive foam padand wear an ESD wrist strap connected to a grounded surface.

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Type of memory including speed - It is recommended to get the same type of memory same size, same speed, same manufacturer for each slot. Due to the variety of possible configurations, some motherboards might not be able to properly configure memory if the array of dual in-line memory modules DIMMs contains a DIMM that is not from the same manufacturer, has a different CAS latency value, or has a different density value high and low used together.

You can also buy the maximum amount allowed and replace the currently installed memory. Make sure all DIMMs meet the requirements of for the motherboard the information listed in product specifications roulette alphabet, have the same part number, are from the same manufacturer, and meet the basic memory requirements for your motherboard.

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The customer assumes all risk and liability for damages for any such installation or upgrade. After reviewing the following steps, if you are not confident in performing the installation yourself, contact an HP authorized distributor for technical assistance.

If no amount is listed, that memory slot bank is empty. The retaining clips on the ends of the socket lock into place when properly seated. If possible, move the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over an uncarpeted floor.

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Use the following steps to replace the cover: Align the panel or cover with the respective slots in the sides of the computer case. Press the Windows The Settings charm opens on the right edge of the screen.

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The edges of metal panels can cut skin. Show me how Slide movable bays and sections back into their original positions and secure with screws. Slide the panel or cover into place and tighten screws.

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