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Slots with a Distinctive Look Despite there being so many of them available for the land-based market, Spielo's games tend to follow a recurring visual trend.

Stars Progressive Bonus — This is a picking game on which you have to pick off Stars located on the bonus gtech 3d slots screen, you will get up to 15 picks in the hope you manage to secure the highest valued winning payouts offered on the jackpot meters.

Players are encouraged to spin the reels and enter one of seven exciting bonus rounds, two in the base game and five dedicated bonuses, part of the Sphinx Bonus selection, where they can interact with the 3D visual effects.

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Enter the Sphinx If you know anything about slot machines, then you will know just how popular the theme of Ancient Egypt is. Gargantuar, both of which are available to North American audiences with a TopBox feature. This opens up a new world of possibilities in gaming, where it is unlikely 3D glasses would have become commonplace on the casino floor.

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In fact, the ancient civilisation is probably up there as the most called on historical theme in the business. You are going to find lots of reel symbols which depict the theme of the slot.

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In fact, the gtech 3d slots already boasts a range of games machines that are specially tailored towards different land-based betting markets all over the globe. A set of Stacked Wild symbols are also in play on the reels, and when playing this Sphinx slot you will be hoping to get as many of them spinning in a certain way so as they cover as many of the visible reel positions as it possible.

Your only task now is of course to find a land based casino that has it on offer. The company's games catalogue is currently stocked with many titles and many diverse themes.

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And with that in mind, players can only expect more slot machines with innovative graphics and bonus features in the future. Although, having said that, the vast majority of the slot machines tend to follow the same design pattern which could appear a little bit dated to more contemporary spinners. Interestingly, the games listed in this section of their repertoire tend to take on a different visual aspect, opting for 2D cartoon aesthetics over realistically rendered artwork.

This catalogue also includes a variety of more classically inclined slot machines with 5-reel games like Reel Fruit, Diamond Daze and Cherry Rain.

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GTECH showcases this exquisitely in Sphinx 3D bonus features and special wilds that stack on top of each other giving the impression of jumping out of the screen. The game also features a wild symbol - depicted as the iconic burial mask of Tutankhamun — which will fill in winning lines for all other symbols except for the golden coin that acts as the games bonus triggering icon.

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There are also many different multi-game machines listed in the Latin American, European and Asian pages of the Spielo website, all of which belong to the diversity range and contain a variety of 8 different slot machines.

Zuma Fortunes What does Spielo Offer? The 9 payline game has a timeless Ancient Egyptian themeinviting players to experience the riches and prosperity of the once great civilisation.

Below we have listed all of the many different bonus games and bonus features that you could end up triggering as you are playing the Sphinx 3D slot game from GTECH and Spielo. So if you can afford to play this slot machine with maximum bet spins then that is the best way to play it as you will not be making any compromise in regards to the bonus games and bonus features you will be able to trigger and be awarded with.

Enter the Sphinx

Something a Little Bit Different Spielo don't only specialise is making 5-reel gtech 3d slots slot machines, but they also have a decent collection of Video Lottery Terminals for their global markets. The effect is achieved with special eyewear and can also be performed with glasses-free techniques, known as autostereoscopy. Expect Bigger and Better It goes without saying that Spielo is a very experienced and capable software developer with the gtech 3d slots to deliver its land-based casino games to a huge global market.

In addition to this advanced 3D technology this game also boasts eye tracking technology which makes everything you are viewing on the games screen spring to life, and once you play this new game you really are going to become totally enveloped in it. Wild Scarab Bonus — A set of special Scarab symbols are added to the reels during this bonus game and you will of course be hoping you get as many of them spinning in as you possibly can to secure the bigger winning payouts, depending of course on whether other matching symbols line up on your activated pay lines gtech 3d slots those Scarab symbols.

Ancient Wheel Bonus — This game will involve you spinning up to three unique bonus wheels, in the hope the highest valued segment of the wheel is the one that ends up facing you once you have set the wheels in motion and they then come to a complete stop. Sphinx 3D is the first product to launch under Spielo, since changing to a gaming product brand.

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Multitude of 5-Reel Themes If you were to browse through any of the different global game catalogues that Spielo has to offer, then you would see what we mean in regards to this graphical cohesion. There is also a scatter symbol depicted as a colourful scarab beetle pendant which will award wins in gtech 3d slots position when three, four or five appear on the reels.

The Sphinx slot does of course boast an Egyptian theme and as such should you have enjoyed playing similar slots in the past, of which there are a lot of land based slot machines from various different suppliers boasting such a theme, then you really should consider giving this game a try as it has everything you will need from a slot and a whole lot more.

Players in Latin America, Europe and Asia will also be able to play those branded games along with other slot machines with familiar themes such as Deal or No Deal and Bejeweled 3D.

Meanwhile, fans of 3-reel spins will be able to enjoy some classy and simple action with the likes of Ka-Pow, Gtech 3d slots 8 Lines and Swinging Bells. Backyard Showdown and Plants Vs. By mnilsson Slot machine players are quite used to climbing onboard the new generation of slot machineswhich are beginning to look more and more like the video games you find in an amusement arcade.

These are Plants Vs. Although the stunning 3D animations and graphics may not become apparent as you walk past this slot, as soon as you jump onto its chair, then the amazing 3D technology will spring into life and you really will find it one of the more immersive slot machines around, and as such gtech 3d slots is a game worth playing.

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Spielo is the resulting brand of the huge multi-billion dollar deal between GTECH and IGT, so players and casino operators alike can expect to receive the same quality service that has propelled its parent companies to the top of the gaming world. It uses integrated eye tracking to give images a great level of depth whilst maintaining full clarity and allowing users to move naturally in front of the display.

Play Mobile Slots for Real Money 1. And it's no surprise, really, because the Egyptians had it all — gtech 3d slots, culture, power, technology, mysticism and even some tropical weather. Sphinx 3D Slot Game Structure and Design Let us now move onto the slot machines playing structure and game play features. The coin values and minimum and maximum bets will be determined by the casino at which you are playing this game at.

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Diamond Chamber Bonus — As soon as this bonus game has been awarded to you a set of Diamonds will be displayed on the screen, you need to pick one of them off to be awarded with its associated winning payout, which will be determine by the stakes you are playing this slot game for. Unlimited image resolution can be encapsulated in the technology and adds a new level of realism to the gaming industry.