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Don will barge out of his office and drag Manny back in with him.

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Go into the bar by heading down the stairs near the door and going behind Glottis, who is now a piano player. The cars are just too small. Raise it to destroy the grinders and take the crane back to the other side of the island. Re-enter and Bowlsley will greet you. Go back upstairs and watch the sequence. Manny will get lost and fall off into a cliff only to be rescued by a sea captain named Velasco.

Search his body to find his dog tags. Lower the starboard anchor and then raise it again to see that the port anchor is hooked onto it.

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Please don't reproduce this guide for profit. Watch the sequences and the game will advance one year later. Move the crane to the opposite side of the island and lower the crane before getting off.

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Show the photo to the clerk hiding behind the counter and Manny will swap the pictures out. After he comes back sick as a dog, talk to him to make him throw up into the garage. Just sign it yourself, will ya?

Move it forward so that the prongs are in one of the slots.

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Run out into the hallway to where you see a door with a wheel on it. Shoot with the gun and enter the greenhouse to watch the ending sequences. Go to the cat track and head upstairs to the blimp security checkpoint.

Go back into the kitchen and use the rag on the toaster to discover a new means of fuel.

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After he leaves, grab the bottle and go to the Blue Casket. This walkthrough does contain spoilers that may ruin the game for anyone who may be playing this game for the first time. Go up to the greenhouse and enter. At the next screen, go to the rock sticking out from the ridge and walk around it counterclockwise to watch as Chepito is caught and taken into the sub by the octopus while Manny and Glottis hop onto the back.

Go down into the ship to see that the crew has been sprouted.

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Walk up the stairs and through the door to the right to enter the VIP lounge. Use the grinder on the crack and then use the can of Sproutella on it to have the support break, causing the sign to fall over. Watch as the man put some dirty hookah water into the drinks and then leaves.

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Climb all the way down the ladder and leave the tunnel to enter the florist shop. Give her the case and tell her that you found it under her desk and that yes, it was left there unattended. Head all the way over to the tunnel and use the grinder on it. After Glottis has finished off the wine in the cask, climb up the ladder and use the can opener on it to cut it open and Manny will hop in.

Go over to the message tube by the window and take the message that you see inside. Walk through the door and watch as Manny is chased back out by a demon beaver. Go back to HQ by using the blue eye on the wall near the garage. Go across the roof until you find a bowl-shaped vent.

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Pull your extinguisher out so that as the beaver jumps into the river after the bone, you can extinguish his flaming body. Get back on the crane and raise the chain to save Glottis.

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Velasco will drag his sorry carcass out of the water again, and afterwards talk to him to say: Take the new picture to Nick and show it to him. Wait until the waiter comes in and disappears into the pantry and when he does, close the doors behind him and lock him in using the scythe.

Climb back up the ladder and stick the arm inside the small handheld grinder. Talk to the kids and say: Open it and then open the crisper drawer. Read it and then go out of the office. Use the remote to raise the car and then put the remote away.