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Fleet Preset Slots

The next day, as Akagi requests Fubuki to escort fleet slots kancolle during her next mission, but Kaga decides to test Fubuki to see if she is worthy by pitting her against their planes. Crafting, see Crafting Recipe for each ship.

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After Akagi and Kaga receive extra ammunition from Zuikaku and Shokaku and disable the Airfield Princess' runway, Yamato uses her firepower to defeat her and destroy the base. I cannot rename my fleets! However, Kisaragi is sunk by a bomber while patrolling alone.

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Build and save the fleet while you wait for your resource runners to get back. What gear a ship is currently equipt with is what she's going to have when you hit "apply", what she had when you saved the preset means nothing. Afterwards Nagato declares MI base the next target for the fleets counterattack.

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The button at the bottom that looks greyed out is "apply" Clicking the fleet slots kancolle button will bring you to this. I cannot read Japanese so the names of the menus and buttons are made up. Exchanging a medal, new casino slots uk another similar item, for resources.

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It is also possible to add a 2nd clock to your taskbar so you are aware of your actual time. Once you get Akagi or any CV, you'll understand their importance. I heard about the resource cap.

This button is "back". I would need to go back to the "organize" menu and add a ship into the second fleet that is not part of the Isokaze preset fleet so there is someone left when Isokaze's moves to the 4th fleet. You need a second fleet. However, once carriers are available, development of carrier-based fighters and torpedo bombers is highly recommended.

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Useful if you don't want to accidentally lose her. You cannot replace a fleet in such a way that would leave a fleet completely empty. Make your fleets with only 5 ships, the last slot empty because you're going to rotate through Maruyuus at a diferent pace than morale rotation. Crafting equipment depends on the amount of resources and the type of your flagship.