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Players will be able to participate and face other people online as well as spectate matches. One occurs during Bardock's final moments before he confronts Frieza. Demigra then appears and Supreme Kai of Time reveals he used the Warrior to get rid of the Time Breakers' as they had outlived their usefulness.

Frieza is also given a dark power up, but is eventually defeated by Goku and Future Warrior. The Future Warrior and Time Patrol Trunks manage to defeat them and Beerus decides to return home to his temple to take a short nap and says that he doesn't mind if the Time Patrol where to defeat Demigra before he wakes up, however he reserves the right to face Demigra should they fail to defeat the Demon God before he wakes up.

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Future Warrior once again follows and ends up in Age with Bardock and Broly meeting face to face on a dying Namek a few miles away from where SSJ Goku and Frieza are fighting, it becomes apparent that Demigra's intended on having Broly and Bardock see their nemesis' and go into a rage in hopes of Goku or Frieza being killed.

Whis suggests that Beerus test Time Patrol Trunks and the Warrior to see if number of seats at casino rama are capable of defeating Demigra, Beerus agrees but insists that Whis join him in testing the two Time Patrollers. Beerus and Whis are shown floating above the restored Toki Toki City where they are joined by Tokitoki who perches on Whis' staff.

After that, the Future Warrior and Trunks went back to the future. The Time Breakers destroying history causes many changes to the timeline: Every time the Future Warrior fixes the events which were changed by the Time Breakers, history returns to running its original course. Meanwhile, the Supreme Kai of Time bids Goku farewell and tells him to be sure and visit her sometime and he promises he will.

The Cell Jr's are also taken over and kill everyone except for Gohan. Broly is powered up by the wormhole and once again the Future Warrior has to intervene to protect them.

As a result, upon Future Trunks' return from the past, he arrives in his timeline to find a dark power enhanced Perfect Cell who is too strong. However both the Future Warrior and Goku are hit and restrained by Demigra's magic spears. In Future Trunks' timeline in Agethe evil Androids 17 and 18 are given dark power by the Time Breakers, making them kill Trunks and an empowered Imperfect Cell appears to absorb the androids, having apparently being completed much earlier due to the changes in Trunks' timeline.

The Warrior arrives in Demigra's former prison, the Crack of Time where Demigra plans to wait out the destruction of history safely as the Crack of Time exists outside of time. However, before Planet Vegeta is destroyed the wormhole swallows Bardock, taking him away.

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After the fight Bardock was heavily injured and transformed back to normal due to injuries and says "serves you right, no one will mess with my son. However, her plan is foiled by Demigra 's Mirage who requires the Future Warrior to fulfill his plans places his mark on the Future Warrior and transports the Future Warrior to Agethus allowing them to rescue Trunks' past self in the nick of time.

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Later Piccolo is taken control of by Demigra's Mirage and beats down both Goten and Trunks to prevent them from fusing in Gotenksbut the Future Warrior interferes and corrects the timeline preventing this. Due to time travel, most of the story happens during the events of Dragon Ball Z, from the arrival of Raditz Ageto Beerus' visit to Earth Age Goku GT and Pan were looking for the dragon balls.

Vegeta is shocked that they managed to kill Broly but before he can process what happened he is suddenly knocked out.

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After Trunks is freed, Demigra tries to take control of the Future Warrior but an injured Trunks distract him long enough for the Supreme Kai of Time to dispel Demigra's Dark Magic preventing them from falling under Demigra's control. The Future Warrior jumps in to help him but before the battle can be concluded they are taken off of Namek thanks to the Dragon Balls and resume the fight on Earth, with Vegeta stumbling across the fight.

But before the now normal Super 17 could be dealt the final blow from the Future Warrior, the Ultimate Android is sucked in Demigra's wormhole. Parallel Quests However, new parallel timelines are created from fragments when the timeline is fixed.

Due to the timeline being changed, Time Patrol Trunks' existence become ephemeral and is on the verge of being erased from history due to the changes in his timeline.

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Victory Mission, and years before Dragon Ball Online. After defeating two of the Buus, Goku's time on Earth expires and the Future Warrior prevents several smaller Majin Buus from following him. Vegeta, while confused as to why he looks like Goku, complies and does so and watches the fight from afar.

They 4 heroes arrive to find themselves inside the Time Vault and discover Demigra plans to destroy the Time Vault so he can erase history and create a new one. The two Super Saiyan 4 fuse into the ultimate saiyan: It is eventually discovered that the Time Breakers made two changes in Trunks' timeline; the second one being in Age where the Time Breakers use their power to enable Cell to absorb the Androids before Future Trunks returns from the past and kills them.

However Towa is shown with the surviving core of Mira and says they have failed but will return to take their revenge on those that stood in their way. Eventually Time Patrol Trunks convinces Buu that a strong Warrior will soon appear and to stop destroying Earth until then.

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Before Broly can be beaten, he is pulled into the wormhole. Ultimately Demigra is killed and Tokitoki is freed. Future Trunks is revealed as the one who knocked him out and tells The Future Warrior to go and he will clean up here.

Goku leaves to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to fix the damage caused in the wake of Demigra's actions. Goku tries to fight but fails due to Vegeta's weaker body, is overwhelmed by the Ginyu Force and Ginyu throws a Kamehameha at Goku, thus killing him. The Supreme Kai of Time cooks up a celebratory dish for the Future Warrior, who is excited at first, until Trunks informs them that her cooking isn't as divine as she believes.

Demigra transforms into his final form in order to defeat the Future Warrior once and for all. These events are quite different from anything that happens in the main timeline.

After Warrior arrives in Agethey destroy the spears restraining Goku so he can stop Demigra's Energy Sphere from destroying the Time Vault while the Warrior chases after Demigra who has fled via a portal. Then they attack Goku, who manages to defend himself, until Ginyu switches bodies with Goku