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The training is intensive, but also FUN. He met all challenges coming his way, learning new games and developing sound skills to reach promotion to Dealer 4.

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If you are interested in this unique training opportunity please contact us for further information. Are we able to guarantee a position on the ship if you graduate and meet all standards?

The best thing about working for Carnival Corporation is working with some of the best people you could ever meet. Those around him recognize his previous experience, commitment to work and consistent delivery of great guest service, and are helping him to build his career.

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Because we put so much emphasis on quality, we limit the number of trainees on each course so we are able to give sufficient personal attention to each student. Vadym truly enjoys his job and is thankful for the giochi di casino gratis on line to travel all around the globe, basically for free.

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Towards the end of the training you will be tested before joining the assigned ship. The Cruise Line have accepted all students in theory, but you must be able to pass the training evaluation process and graduate with flying colors. You are learning in an environment which is as close to the experience you will have in a real casino, making the transition to the work place on the ship as less stressful as possible.

She started working in this industry at a very young age, and after completing 19 years on land, coming to ships was the next logical step for her to improve her knowledge and gain international experience.

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The training course runs for five weeks a sufficient time period to become proficient and ready to join the casino on board team. A casino dealer is someone appointed at a gambling table to operate the smooth running of the game, to accurately pay bets and make payouts.

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Travel to Lithuania for the training period at extra cost Flight tickets from Lithuania to the ship and back to your home countries — will be provided by employer. The brands we work with collectively serve over 10 million guests a year. What is the time frame of the course and will I be ready?

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The non passers stay ashore! This was music to Alex' ears and he started to train as a Dealer - the ultimate goal to work on cruise ships once he turned This past Christmas Edwin even got to visit England for the first time. Being a part of the GCO Team has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward to the years to come.

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He is moving up the ranks fast, currently learning the ropes of the Assistant Manager role. GCO has so much to offer — the chance to work with them can change your life and gives you a new perspective that can lead you towards a better future.

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Attributes needed to become a Casino Dealer: Working for GCO has given me some amazing experiences - way beyond my imagination. You will learn everything that you need to know to become a casino dealer including: A life at sea is waiting for you!

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In his slot key personnel role as a Supervisor 1, he deals the games, and sometimes supervises the Pit, when the opportunity arises. Stevie met Edwin on her first contract with Carnival…they fell in love and were engaged to be married by her second contract. He continues to perform well, and accepted the opportunity for Supervisor training late You meet and interact with new, exciting people from around the world and, at the same time, have fun with them on the tables helping to make their vacation a memorable experience.

If you meet with the above, then you are half way there. Tips will depend on the Itinerary of the ship and level of business. All of our courses are run by trainers who have casino logistics training experience in the casino industry from large corporate land based operation to various cruise lines.

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After considering all his options, he decided to apply for Global Casino Operations where he gets the chance to perform the job he likes and follow his dream at the same time. As a result the trainees are skilled and ready to start work once their training has been completed.

Welcome to Global Casino Operations We are the largest and most popular casino operator onboard cruise ships. I love this job because of the many opportunities for personal growth. The training duration is for 5 weeks and accommodation will be arranged and sourced for you at extra cost To join the ship and to work on bard you will be required: He joined us a Dealer 3 in March and has never looked back.

What is a Casino Dealer?

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She settled easily and quickly became a popular team member….