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Quite frankly, the Mexican government and the methods used for educating the public are painfully inefficient at times. There are reported to casino la floresta guadalajara thousands of American and Canadian retirees on this north shore, mainly concentrated within a few miles around Chapala and Ajijic, four miles to the west.

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He should have been looking at this catastrophe. She grew the chiles right there and they could tear your head off. It seems that some are still trying to promote Lake Chapala as a recreational retreat.

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There is a large swimming pool in the back. Stephanie wisely decided one of us should stay up top to notify next of kin. He had traveled home to be with his family for the summer and we stopped in for a visit.

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Murilo, Brazil The shower design can be improve so that water will not enter into the outside of the glass enclosure! Mexico City may be the capital and political center and Monterrey the business locomotive of Mexico, but Guadalajara is the heart and soul of the country.

And I want to tell you, it can still be done today. Lakes and rivers have been dramatically improved in the U. As beautiful an area as this certainly is, the lake ought to be drained and re-filled with something resembling clean water. Ajijic, with its many narrow, cobble-stoned streets, has a colonial feel to rival any in Mexico. There are only two hotels, both very basic, to choose from.

Vincent disappeared down this ten-foot chute, slimy with bat guano, and the two of us followed. Windsor, United States of America This hotel was delightful and the staff were wonderful.

Also, There's a convenience store in front of it and a very nice bar just 2 blocks away.

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Was it really an ancient site or just a picnic area for the hill dwellers of more recent years? No one goes there. However, something has to be done. The swimming pool and tropical garden are equally impressive.

Each bowl contains about a pound of goat, very tender, and is covered with a not-too-spicy-or-thick sauce to which you can add oregano, onions, lime, salsa or whatever else they have as options. That job is best left for the guidebooks. Also deposited are soils laden with fertilizers which have the unintentioned effect of providing a food source for the water hyacinth lino which is literally strangling the lake.

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Approximately 6, North Americans some estimates are 30, but the locals I talked to say that number is exaggerated now have residences on this north shore which also includes the villages of San Nicolas, Vista del Lago. You can do that by setting the glass panels on the actual shower floor!

The hotel lobby, elevator, hallways and rooms were spotless. We hiked all morning, Stephanie on the back of the burro. I sampled only a small portion of the food menu, but everyone assured me that everything is extremely good. They can still play golf, bridge and spend those pesos in our tiendas. They just want something to look at. One word of caution: Would stay here again without hesitation!

There were a couple of tour buses down by the lakeside depositing Mexican tourists from Guadalajara, but I was surprised to see so few gringos.

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The first floor contains the lobby and an excellent restaurant with a sky-lit ceiling above. Everyone is acutely aware of one side northbut barely knows casino la floresta guadalajara existence of the other south side. Patricia, United States of America Staff. Besides, most of the sites will have been thoroughly looted long before your arrival.

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This was just a shallow cave, maybe fifteen deep, entirely unremarkable. It was explored that day in the hole in the ground. The floor was layered with large rocks that it seemed had fallen from the ceiling over the years. For the more rational of you, it makes more sense to fly to Guadalajara, where the airport is only twenty miles from the lake.

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Also the shower head is too high for average height people to adjust!