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It requires the usual pedigree info plus your bank's name, address, telephone number and checking account number. The amount of credit will have to be close to the average amount of money you keep available in your checking account.

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This may be factored into your desirability to the casino. You may get additional comps. A casino credit line can also get funds for slot machine or video poker play, usually at the casino cage.

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In addition, the pit is required to record your play for rating purposes, so all your action is recorded. If you do not have the funds, the casino will go after your assets like any other company.

Both times I reported to the cage with proper ID to check if all was 'set-up' the way it should be.

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Yes, if a player does not want be in debt to the casino, has a poor credit rating or does not keep a large balance in his checking account, they can deposit upfront funds with the casino. You may also receive mail offers for comps or tournaments geared to higher level players. What if I do not pay my marker?

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Compare this to the whopping fee to use the casino ATM or get a credit card cash advance. Plus you minimize the chance of accidentally losing your cash or becoming a crime victim. Always told everything is fine Mr Feathers just see the supervisor at the pit to draw against your line.

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Also gets around that 10k limit for entering or leaving the country with cash without making declarations to the authorities. My question to you all is: Failure to pay a marker will destroy your casino credit rating.

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If you decide on a last-minute trip or you forgot to hit the bank, you have money for casino credit line waiting for you. Casino credit goes back to the days before modern technology.

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You can go to the casino cashier and give the clerk your chips.