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Calypso's Buffet is the most calypso casino blackhawk with plenty of different cuisines here: Oboro and Bikan-chan stumble into one of his traps which soaks their Prefect uniforms, leaving them no choice but to also wear lingerie while waiting for their uniforms to dry. Not done so often anymore — possibly because of the sketchy nature of who exactly stripped her and forced her to wear such a thing, or because heroines now tend to have no qualms about showing a lot of skin — but it pops up in Science Fiction from time to time.

The culprit behind this is a villainess infatuated with Custer who also has a fetish for national socialist paraphernalia and a penchant for sadomasochism.

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At least it was a modest outfit. The male version of this is Shirtless Captives.

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Used in the second season, where Kallen is kept as a prisoner by Britannia for a good chunk of the season and wears a In Silver Surferwe see Thanos conquer the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet, and one of the first things he does is place his true calypso casino blackhawk, the incarnation of Death, in a golden bikini.

At one point in the comic Preacher hero Jesse Custer is knocked out and wakes up to find himself tied to a bed and dressed up calypso casino blackhawk a World War II -era German officer's uniform. She also steals her glasses. Comic Books Rare male example: The Locksmith was a villain who imprisoned victims instead of killing them, and had a weird sense of this; after capturing Spider-Woman while she was in her civilian identity, he insisted she wear her costume.

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Even so, Nadia says she is embarrassed and disgusted to wear it because it represents something she hates. Meido wear is the most common, but they change according to Ataro's mood.

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Star Wars Expanded Universe: He starts threatening physical violence as soon as it starts getting into " Dude, She's Like, in a Coma! Happens to Asuna Kagurazaka when the villain Wilhelm captured her, and she woke up in lingerie. Kyon was pissed in the US sense that she was pissed in the Perhitungan kemenangan roulette sense.

The first time it's a mad scientist; the second or at least a subsequent time it's an reel gems slot machine warlord.

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Another classic male example: He's later shown in obvious bondage gear for the "marriage ceremony. In an opening shot, she is held captive on a chain leash by the "bad guy", and is wearing very similar clothes to slave Leia.

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